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Climbing Calendar

Let's Climb! Check the shared calendar below for upcoming adventures, join the Discord, and explore the site!

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Add The Calendar

To add the above shared calendar to your mobile device:  

Save these instructions (screenshot).

Click this: Shared Google Calendar link
Click 'Continue' and 'Subscribe'
Change any settings you'd like
Click 'Add' in upper right corner



Copy the calendar link > Go to iPhone Settings > Calendar > Accounts > Add Account > Other >  Add Subscribed Calendar > paste the calendar link in the Server field > click 'Next' > click 'Save'

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Gear Store

My top climbing gear essentials. Support me by shopping on my Amazon Store!

Click any item in the store below to see what's available!


Brain Wrinkles

Learn so you can help keep us all safe and sending!


Gallery of Memories

Reach out if you need a copy of any of these photos in full resolution. These are lower res <3

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