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VanLife FAQs: How much does VanLife cost?

QUESTION: How do you afford it? ANSWER: I print money, just like the Fed. Really, I grew up in a single income home, with my mom primarily supporting my brother Sean and I. She put us in a private school for as long as she could bear it, but she never could really afford so money was always tight. The discomfort of not having money for things was...uncomfortable and annoying and taught me the importance of making and saving money. I went to school to be a musician so I was geared up to be broke my whole life unless I worked REALLY REALLY hard and made some lucky connections. But I was fortunate enough to make a good connection in the TV business instead which allowed me to prove my competence elsewhere which eventually led to a decent income, of which I was able to save and later invest a lot. I will do a post specifically about financial strategies. I'm not rich but I'm not poor. I'm financially comfortable and I have extremely low annual expenses. No rent, no mortgage, no property taxes, minimal home and auto repairs, no medical bills. Mostly just vehicle + motorcycle insurance, registration, repairs, gas, food, gear/toys, occasional eating out, cloud storage, this website, Amazon Prime, phone bill, VPN usage, and annual investment contributions. I was also fortunate to land a job after my 8 years in TV production that is freelance, very occasional, flies me around, pays for my lodging and food and pays me a very generous rate. I just have to make sure to continue to not fuck up. If you have a smart phone with a decent data plan, there exist many apps that can help you make money doing temporary work in major cities: Uber Uber Eats Lyft Instacart Post mates Task rabbit Grub hub delivery Door dash Wag How do you make money while you're on the road? Feel free to share!

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