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VanLife FAQs: How do you stay cool in the summer?


Van cuddles in the summer do you stay cool?


An important question indeed!

So, it's summer.

It gets hot in the van....especially when there are two bodies in there. Especially if those two bodies are snuggling or frolicking about.

What to do?

Currently, I have a remote start/kill feature on my alarm system which allows for the ability to lazily, remotely initiate the dope AF air conditioner.

However, that uses a fair amount of fuel over time, and as soon as I turn it gets hot again hella quick.

Opening doors/windows/the pop-top windows definitely helps by allowing a nice cool breeze to move through the vehicle, moving some of that hot, stale air out.

However, that isn't a good solution if I'm stealth camping in a city, or if it's noisy or stinky outside (generally, again, in cities).

Fortunately, my home-on-wheels is.... ON WHEELS!

These wheels allow me to move my home to a more geographically suitable spot to keep cool.

I can move to a shady spot under a large tree or next to a tall building or next to a large body of water like the ocean or Lake Michigan, for instance.

I can drive up a mountain, climbing elevation for cooler outside air temperatures. I can even drive to a more mild, cooler climate in another state entirely if I so desire!

I also have some portable, battery-powered fans to sit by my screened side windows to push air in or out, but, being battery-powered, they don't really move enough air.

So, amongst many other pending projects, I'm looking to install the good ol' Fan-Tastic Vent with temperature sensor activation to open the vent on the roof and fire up to suck that hot, stale air right out.

Also looking to cut some reflectix to custom fit my side and rear windows and a sunshade for the front window to help reflect the heat of the sun out away from the van.

Feel free to share your AC or ventalation sollutions in your camper!

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