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VanLife FAQs: How do you shower?

QUESTION: How do you shower? ANSWER: I don't. Really, I don't. 1) No really, as I mentioned, I visit friends and family often, wherever I go, and they let me shower at their house. 2) I get a small washcloth wet and squirt liquid soap onto said washcloth and proceed to wash my body with said soapy washcloth. This can happen in my van, in a public bathroom, or anywhere really. Even when I'm traveling for work and I'm put in fancy hotels, I will sometimes wash my body like this instead of using the nice, warm, fancy shower. It's just how I roll and it cleans my body, I think, more effectively because usually I will just use my hands and soap instead of a washcloth when I'm actually standing in a shower. 3) There are many public facilities where free showers can happen. Public pools, beaches, and sometimes outside of hotel pools. 4) The good ol' monthly memberships, of which I have not yet surrendered to. YMCA, gyms, etc. Where do you shower when you're on the road? Feel free to share your secrets with me and anyone else who may stop by this site for help!

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