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VanLife FAQs: How do you get mail?

QUESTION: How do you get mail? ANSWER: With the recent advent of the internet and online shopping, all U.S. Post Office, UPS, and FedEx brick and mortar locations were closed indefinitely, rendering it impossible to receive mail without a home address. Really, a large part of Van Life, at least in the beginning, was choosing where I "live." There were many things to consider, such as state sales/income taxes, DMV registration and vehicle insurance requirements, laws about how long you have to actually be in the state to legally have a permanent address there, ease of receiving and forwarding important mail, etc. That last bit about the ease of receiving mail was a big enough factor to make me use my original home address (mum's house) for my permanent address. Granted, this is only for the ol' snail mail from the state, financial institutions, tax documents, etc. and not like individual letters or packages from Amazon or other shops that I can have shipped wherever I currently am. How do you handle getting your mail while you're on the road long term? Feel free to share!

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