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VanLife FAQs: How do you do laundry?

I burn the clothes to stay warm at night then buy new clothes in the morning.

1) Really, I visit my friends and family often wherever I am and I usually can do my laundry there.

2) I can do my laundry in my own sink in the van or in public restrooms with a little soap/water/scrub/hang-to-dry action.

3) There are quarter laundry machines at laundromats eeeeevvverywhere, so I keep a lot of quarters handy.

They make all sorts of portable laundry machines that are powered by hand or by foot. I've seen mixed reviews for all of them. I've also seen a good ol' fashioned 5-gallon bucket and a plunger technique.

Even in my van, I could fill my sink with a bit of water, squirt some soap in there, swish it around to get it all sudsy, then clothes pin to some twine to dry. But, I haven't been in one uncivilized place long enough to need to go that route quite yet.

How do you do your laundry? Share!

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