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VanLife FAQs: Clean drinking water?

I gave up drinking water as a part of my shift to a more minimalist lifestyle.... 🙄

Firstly, I installed an Apec ROES-UV75 Reverse Osmosis 6-stage water filtration system that I bought from Amazon for around $300.

If you'd like to try it yourself, you can find that here:

[Amazon Affiliate links]

1) I have a city water inlet that I can connect any garden hose to to fill up my large water tank.

2) I also have a filler / breather vinyl hose attached directly to my water tank with a garden hose barb adapter on it that I can use in tandem with my in-line pump power drill bit to suck water in from any body of water.

3) That vinyl breathing / filler hose is attached to a right angle elbow adapter with a shutoff valve that is a key compenent in a rainwater collection system I installed which you can learn more about here: [LINK TO RAINWATER]

4) I occasionally buy big jugs of water for emergencies.

5) You can fill up jugs of water at a lot of climbing / camping / outdoors shops or from water fountains all around town.

Feel free to share how you manage securing, filtering, storing your drinking water!

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