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Nick Hankins Entropy Solutions Co

The President of ESC

Hi, I'm Nick! Happy you found us! I've been working for more than 13 years across the spectrum in Information Technology as well as creative & technical production with industry leaders of media, entertainment, television, and gaming.  My specializations are geared around IT systems, cloud services, AV systems, media production, video & audio editing, computer hardware & smart devices, and networking systems across all platforms and OS ecosystems.  

Before founding Entropy Solutions Co., my last roll as an employee was acting as the assistant to the Technical Director for Tony Robbins. I designed, consulted and managed AV and IT systems for live events - remote video call and DIT systems, live stream broadcasts, on-site media asset management and delivery solutions, wireless and wired audio and video transmissions, venue networking configurations, visual asset creation and implementation, maintenance of all production mac/windows laptops and workstations. 

I operated studio cameras, audio and lighting boards, and would sit in as the video director. I managed a vast inventory of equipment and helped coordinate logistics for domestic and international events. I handled DIT planning, content creation, formatting, transcoding, editing, media sharing, livestreaming and delivery. I assisted the TD with managing and coordinating with vendors and local labor for the setup and teardown of ballroom and arena venue production design, staging, rigging, arena LED video walls programming, and custom HVAC systems. I acted as the stand-in Technical Director on a handful of events, essentially the point person when any technical system failed.

Before Tony Robbins, I worked for Oprah Winfrey for nearly a decade. I was there with a tight family of talented souls for the final few years of the Oprah Winfrey Show. in Chicago and then off to Los Angeles to help the Oprah Winfrey Network get off the ground. I began in the Human Resources department in Chicago, then moved to the Audio dept for a few years, then Video, and finally to IT.

I'm primarily driven and fulfilled by working for a good cause, solving problems, helping people, learning and teaching.

I'm a classically trained musician, instrumentalist, singer & composer, climber, slackliner, photographer, designer, and a former yoga instructor. I've traveled a lot of the world for work and play and lately in my spare time I'm playing with Python, JavaScript, JSON, jQuery, Okta Workflows, Terraform, & AWS cloud architecture to have more tools in the shed.

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